Although most homebuilders will steer you away from hiring your own independent inspector prior to closing, this is the best time to identify issues with the house – while you are still in a power position.  Often we are the only person in your entire transaction that is looking out for you, and only you.  It is typical for us to find a long list of unfinished items and deficiencies that the builder can address prior to closing.

We have a reputation with builders as being a “picky” inspector.  It is our philosophy that you are paying a lot of money for the house and should expect “Close-to-Perfection”.  We do a lot of new construction inspections and coach our clients how to stand up for themselves with the builder.  There are so many things that can go wrong with building a house and we are happy to be the expert on your side.

Our new Construction Inspections include:

  • Coaching our clients on when the Inspection should be scheduled to avoid inspecting a house that is still under construction.

  • Performing our very detailed inspection with a focus on problems associated with constructing a house.

  • Marking cosmetic deficiencies on the interior and exterior of the house with blue tape (we have been know to blue tape over 100 items in a house).

  • Giving our clients our opinion on how “picky” they should be.

  • Teaching our clients to perform their own mini inspection just prior to closing.

  • Coaching our clients on how to deal with the builder regarding these issues.

  • Providing a straightforward “Punch List” Report Summary that can be handed straight to the builder.

  • Providing Post Inspection Consultation if you need our advice about dealing with the Builder.

Report Summary “Punch List” Format

designed to give directly to the Builder

Actual Inspection Reports

New Construction Denver

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New Construction Louisville

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“HomeSpy did a fantastic job. We were purchasing a brand new townhouse built by Cardel in 2017. I’m a physicist by training and tend to be very meticulous. Well, after 4 hours I was ready to call it quits but Chris kept going finding more things and explaining which approach is more likely to work with the builder. These suggestions alone are worth the inspection price. Believe me that by the time he reaches the basement and starts taking the furnace apart showing you where the dirt is and how the builder needs to clean it and etc., you will know the meaning of “meticulous.” By the way, I would set aside 4 to 5 hours for his inspection and bring some snacks.”

“The best part about Chris’s inspection is that he explains everything and tells you of typical problems and how to avoid/fix them. BTW, I took Chris’s approach with the builder and they agreed to fix pretty much everything he found. It was almost comical because their push-backs were very similar to what Chris has predicted! Without his preparation, I don’t think I could have convinced the builder to fix it. Thank you Chris!!!”

Alex Y., Denver

“My realtor recommended HomeSpy for my new build. While there are cheaper inspections out there, after the visit I was blown away by how much our inspector spotted. Our builder is very good (which HomeSpy confirmed after the visit), however the contractors and construction foremen don’t give the attention to detail an inspector from HomeSpy will. Our builder acted like this was an unnecessary expense…that is wrong! Not only did we find fixes that will save me time and immeasurable resources in the future, but I really learned so much from our extended post-inspection explanation. I feel like I got a solid lesson in my home systems so I can manage and maintain furnace/AC/fuse box/etc. etc, Cosmetically, I was sure I would spot any issues but boy, was I wrong. I am recommending HomeSpy to my friends in the process of buying a new home.”

Heather S., Denver

“Chris was fantastic! He was at our house for about 4 hours and was very thorough in his inspection and report. While overall our house is in good shape, he found some minor concerns that could be major if we didn’t address them – things that I would have never seen. The report that was provided was comprehensive and very helpful when communicating with our builder on our warranty claims. The other thing that Chris did that I didn’t expect was to give me helpful pointers about how to care for our home from winterizing the sprinklers to recommending an inexpensive fix for our squeaky shower door. I would highly recommend HomeSpy to anyone!”

Jared B., Arvada

“Chris was outstanding. We had a new construction, so we figured there were no major areas or cause for concern, but wanted a fresh eye to look over everything. Chris did a very thorough punch list of items that needed attention for our final walk thru. He educated me on some of the components in the home and absolutely educated and prepared me to confidently approach the final walk thru. His knowledge, expertise, advise and professionalism were truly worth the cost we paid. I highly appreciate and recommend Chris for your home inspection.”

Russ J., Golden