The current “Sellers” Real Estate market in Denver has brought about many lesser quality homes that are selling for top dollar. It is more important than ever to get the best inspection available.

Our inspection pricing for a single family home is based on the total square footage of the house, the age of the house, and its location.

Our prices are higher than most of the other local inspection services because we offer a superior service. If you look at the time that we spend on your inspection and report, the education that you get, and the overall value we provide, our service is priced very fairly. Often the extra price paid will more than pay for itself with seller concessions and home maintenance money saving tips.

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“HomeSpy’s pricing was a bit higher than other estimates, but when I’m buying a home I want a great, thorough inspection and not the cheapest price. With the specifics on the significant issues, I was able to negotiate a good financial outcome with the seller.”

Carl L., Castle Rock

“You might get a cheaper quote if you call some other companies, but i will tell you that Chris is worth every penny. He is an amazing and honest inspector! I definitely recommend him to anyone!”

Azin K.

“The price was a bit higher than other inspectors, but what you get is absolute top quality. Don’t cheap out on an inspection that could save you many thousands of dollars in unknown problems in a few years.”

Angie’s List Review

“HomeSpy is a little more expensive than the others and at first I was a little weary about spending extra money on the inspection as things are tight in my budget! But it was certainly well worth it! I am very happy with everything about his service and will definitely use him again if I ever need another home inspection!”

Tracy S., Denver

“The bad news….we didn’t buy the house. Chris uncovered serious roofing, plumbing and construction issues that would cost thousands of dollars to repair and would have affected the value had I purchased the house. I wouldn’t buy a house without a HomeSpy inspection!”

Steven G.